Your dog’s adventure begins when I get to your home. I’ll either run with him / her there, or they will jump in my car and we’ll drive to meet up with a canine running partner or two. Your pup will get an excellent workout, a chance to get out and explore, and opportunities to hang out with other doggie pals. He or she will come home well exercised and happy! Sessions average between 2 – 3 miles. Some dogs are slower, some are faster. I strive to make dogs compatible within each outing. Session duration is 30 minutes.

The safety of your dog is our number one concern. We will always start off with a short relief walk, then build up to a comfortable running pace, and will end the run with a three to five minute cool down walk. We constantly monitor your dog for signs of heat exhaustion, fatigue or injury. We will walk or take breaks as necessary. We carry a cell phone, fresh water (summer), plastic clean-up bags with us on every run.


Week Day Runs

$25/Session for One Dog

$35/Session for Two Dogs from the same household

Weekend Runs

$40/Session for one dog
$50/Session for two dogs from the same household

Sessions are 30 minutes