Lilo has gotten more comfortable around other dogs since joining Pooch Fit. We are so happy that you are a part of her life.
— Angela N.

Thomas is a Pooch Fit member for life!
— Rachelle M.

Once I tell Kekoa that you’re on the way, he’ll wait patiently at the glass door until you show up. He loves you!
— Hoku H.

Since starting Pooch Fit, Lola has gone from 61lbs. to 52lbs. Along with our veterinarian, we are thrilled with the needed weight loss!
— Cat S.

Best decision I ever made for my Annie and Joey. They are now in great shape. Highly recommended!
— Lynn A.

Mahalo for taking care of our dogs like they were your own. Highly Recommended! A 10 star service!!!
— Cheryl L.

For all you dog lovers, this is a must!
— Leslie Ann Y.

Cappi lives for Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Thank you!!!
— Diane B.